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What is USGov DoD PKI?

USGov-DoD-PKI is a series of root and issuing certificate authorities used to support authentication across the department of defense. These certificates are issued and used under the Defense Enterprise Authentication Service (Global Directory) program.

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DoD Root Certificate Authorities

DoD Issuing Certificate Authorities

PKI Services

About this site:

  • This sites primary purpose is to maintain a copy of Certificate Authorities built on the USGov-DoD-PKI roots. These roots are maintained exclusively by the Defense Enterprise Authentication Service.

  • In addition to USGov-DoD-PKI certificate authorities, this site maintains a copy of the DoD CAs for caching purposes.

  • This site does not guarantee any availability of service or security of DISA content.

This site is not affiliated with the DoD PKI services run by DISA. Please contact DISA directly for DoD PKI services. These download links are not guaranteed.

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